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6. Heilbronner Konzert 20/21 Tonsprache Option 1

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«6. Heilbronner Konzert 20/21 Tonsprache Option 1»

Wednesday We-5:00pm
Feb, 2021
Feb 24 We-5:00pm
5:00 PM
Obere Neckarstraße, 16, 74072, Heilbronn, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland
Tickets from €9.1


Sounds can be transformed into words, they are expressions of ideas, stories and signposts into other worlds. Robert Schumann had to find not only the tonal language, but also the right genre for his Piano Concerto in A minor. At first it was planned as a fantasy, but he couldn't find a publisher. Today, we owe this disappointment to a work of musical history: extended by a few movements, it is the first concert to follow a romantic conception. In the ups and downs of the simple melody, the torn ness of the soul between utopia and doom finds expression. ?Greek-slim? Schumann named Beethoven's 4th Symphony, about which little is known more than that it was composed in 1806 in the composer's most creative year. And yet this small, mostly transparent work opens up a new musical world. If it is in the classical form and at first glance amusing, a visionary and brittle content sounds inside of the impending romantic rift - surprisingly modern music! Robert Schumann Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in A Minor, Op. 54Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony No. 4 in B flat major, Op. 60Federico Colli / PianoCase Scaglione / Conductor Entrance is at 16:20; the concert takes place without a break