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ABBA GOLD: The Concert Show

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«ABBA GOLD: The Concert Show»

Tuesday Tu-8:00pm
Dec, 2021
Dec 28 Tu-8:00pm
8:00 PM
B62, 57537, Hövels, Rheinland-Pfalz, Deutschland
Tickets from €19.75


ABBA GOLD revives ABBA's glamour pop and the earworms from the glitter world, the unforgettable super hits on the concert stage. Out of respect for ABBA and your unique life's work, ABBA GOLD should not only be an impressive revival. The producers go a step further and aim for a performance that presents the ABBA feeling with today's technical and musical means in the here and now. The basis for ABBA GOLD was the intensive study of countless videos, photo books and record covers as well as the ABBA ? Sounds on stage and in the Tonstudio.In of today's ABBA GOLD show, this classic content is enhanced by the presentation of some of ABBA's hits in unplugged garb and the integration of a video show. Have fun with abba's wonderful music in our ABBA GOLD show !!!