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Actus tragicus

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«Actus tragicus»

Wednesday We - 08:00pm
March, 2022
Mar 16 We - 08:00pm
08:00 PM
Tickets from €6.5


A baroque concerto without violins? This is very rare at the Freiburg Baroque Consort. The dark-velvety timbre of violas and violas is extremely attractive and ideal for the Passion period. Sometimes composers from the 17th and 18th centuries made use of this instrumentation when it came to mourning gestures and lamentations, as J. S. Bach in his two cantatas God's Time is the very best time and Just as the rain and snow falls from the sky or Dietrich Buxtehude in his Membra Jesu Nostri. However, the line-up remains curious in the 6th Brandenburg Concerto BWV 1051. To this day, it has not been possible to clarify with absolute certainty why Bach completely renounced violins in this concert, which was completely unusual for his time in pure instrumental music. Dietrich Buxtehude? Vulnerati cor meum? from Membra Jesu Nostri BuxWv 75Johann Sebastian BachGotte's time is the very best time BWV 106Like the rain and snow falls from the sky BWV 18Brandenburg Concerto No. 6 BWV 1051Dorothee Mields, sopranoTerry Wey, altoNikolaus Pfannkuch, tenorChristian Immler, BassFreiburger BarockConsort