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    Advanced Certificate in Integrated Renewable Energy Management

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    Monday Monday-10:00am
    Aug, 2020
    10:00 AM
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    ''Training for capacity building to design frameworks and how to use decision instruments which contribute to increase renewable energy use in economic diversification” A. Background: The profile of the Advanced Certificate program in Integrated Renewable Energy Management (IREM) is PROBLEM-oriented, meaning that participants will be involved in dealing to explore the real problem-scenarios of the energy related topics. Thus, the aim is to provide the participants with an overview of the energy sector in general, to educate experts in the field of renewable energy management and sustainable development. This will help a diversification of their knowledge and leads to the capability of cross-linked thinking. They will be equipped with the understanding that the complex environmental and energy related problems requires environmental, social, economic and managerial competencies more than classical technical knowledge. The need for a sustainable energy supply is becoming more important with declining fossil energy resources, environmental pollution and climate change. However, it is increasingly evident that actions for renewable or clean energy based socio-economic development can no longer be possible by only taking initiatives in this sector alone. Or focusing only about technology and financial aspects for clean energy development but must cut across the different sectors to better manage trade-offs. Research has shown that proper management and behaviour changes alone can save energy up to 10-20%, According to Zobair (2016), technology alone will not be enough to carry forward the renewable energy mission. This transformation required the collective long- term commitment of all stakeholders, including government, citizens, financiers, private companies and international agencies. Now the question is: how to integrate technology, management and behaviour and how to make everyone with a self-capacity of responsibility on rationale use of energy? In general context renewable or clean energy initiatives include mainly (i) energy conservation, (ii) energy efficiency improvement and (iii) promotion of renewable energy. Despite huge technological progress made to improve the efficiency of energy consumption and production and renewable energy technology, most potential are yet to be tapped because of number of barriers. For instance, lack of information and awareness, inadequate knowledge, limited access to technology, high upfront cost, lack of human and institutional capacity. B. Program Duration • 4 weeks for each intensive module• 16 weeks for full 4 intensive modules Examination: Each intensive module is standalone with exam at the end and certificate For details of the modules, please visit