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Benny Sings

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«Benny Sings»

Friday Fr - 08:00pm
October, 2021
Oct 22 Fr - 08:00pm
08:00 PM
Tickets from €22.3


Benny Sings could possibly be described as a kind of super-secret world star. At least a lot of people have met his music, probably without being aware of it. He writes, among many others, for artists such as Free Nationals, Blackwave, Mayer Hawthorne, Goldlink and Mocky. Rex Orange County, with which he wrote the platinum-clad single Lovin Is Easy, even called him the most underrated artist and producer of our time. And the list of his supporters and collaboration partners is long: for example, his current album Music features artists as diverse as Tom Misch or Mac Demarco. So Benny Sings is kind of a kind of everybody?s darling without the everyone that has now absolutely been noticed. This is perhaps what happened to Harry Nilsson at times? a comparison that is not so absurd musically ? even if comparisons of musicians with such a colorful musical output are probably a bit silly. For Benny, collaborations have always been a tried and tested means of their own musical development:? I?ve learned along the way that working with other artists enriches my music. I?m a bit of a loner, and because of that I?ve always had more affinity with writers than with musicians. Over the past few years I?ve been actively chasing collaborations with kindred spirits.? Music is the 8th studio album by the songwriter and producer from Amsterdam. It follows his biggest musical success to date under his own name, the highly acclaimed 2019 album City Pop, which has now been streamed more than 20 million times. And Benny Sings is also able to make his songs equally catchy and demanding on music. On his current album, he packs the greatest earworms like Nobody?s Fault, Sunny Afternoon or Lost Again into his own pop garb, without sounding arbitrary for a second. Anyone who hears Benny Sings knows that he hears Benny Sings, but possibly without knowing it. or so. In any case, this album comes at the right time, namely one in which good music is more important than ever. And so we quote again at the end an extremely apt line from the title track of his current album:? Music, help me through this, whenever I?m down on the floor.? Benny Sings helps us to look further forward these days and to focus on the beautiful things that are coming. Like benny sings .B on October 25th in Nochtspeicher.

Schedule «Benny Sings»

Monday Mo - 08:00pm
October, 2021
Oct 25 Mo - 08:00pm
08:00 PM
Tickets from €30
Friday Fr - 07:00pm
November, 2021
Nov 12 Fr - 07:00pm
07:00 PM
11 Goods Way, Kings Cross, London, N1C 4PW
Tickets from €17
Nov 12 Fr - 07:00pm
07:30 PM
11 Goods Way
Tuesday Tu - 07:00pm
December, 2021
Dec 14 Tu - 07:00pm
07:00 PM
Saturday Sa - 09:00pm
December, 2021
Dec 18 Sa - 09:00pm
09:00 PM
628 Divisadero St