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#BerlinBerlin - Über das Leben in einer geteilten Stadt

#BerlinBerlin - Über das Leben in einer geteilten Stadt

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«#BerlinBerlin - Über das Leben in einer geteilten Stadt»

Tuesday Tu - 11:00am
November, 2021
Nov 2 Tu - 11:00am
11:00 AM
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#BerlinBerlinÜber life in a divided city From the age of 14»Every wall is a tragic fall. Every wall falls. A wall stands and falls. A wall falls down and stands up again. A wall stumbles, falls down and gets up again. A wall is weird. A wall that stands and does not fall is not funny. A wall you stumble over is weird. A wall that brings you down is tragic." For Ingo, the Berlin Wall is anything but the blink of an eye of history. Born in 1961, on the day the Wall was built, the construction of the »Anti-Fascist Protective Wall« will determine his entire life in East Berlin. He waits in vain for his father, because he has long been living with a new family in West Berlin, his mother is silent and repressed and his home country continues to wall itself in. But when the »staying here« is no longer possible for Ingo and he is finally allowed to »go over«, quite legally by means of an exit application, November 9, 1989 and the border is suddenly open. A family history in East and West raises the question of the meaning of walls that separate us and are erected again and again. Director: Jörg SteinbergRecording: Stephanie Dorn, Fred PommerehnCast: Nora Decker, Beate Fischer, Sabrina Frank, Oliver Moritz, Sven Scheele, Justus VerdenhalvenProduction: Theater Strahl BerlinPlaying time: 120 minutesPhoto: Jörg Metzner