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Frankfurt / Oder
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Sunday Su - 07:30pm
November, 2021
Nov 28 Su - 07:30pm
07:30 PM
Frankfurt / Oder
Tickets from €24.5


Even after years, the songs of the ? Black grits? before topicality. It just pays off that Dirk Pursche and Stefan Klucke have never been chasing the petty day-to-day political spirit. Yesterday as now, the structures behind things remain frighteningly the same. The two have always had an eye for the big ones on a small scale, and are the best proof that social criticism can do without politicians' bashing. It has always been a trademark of ? Black Grütze?, to combine finely honed word wit with musical skill, and to season their bitterly evil social side-strokes virtuosically with the pure fun of the language. After 20 years of joint stage presence, there is now a revival with some of the best German-language cabaret songs that Kleinkunst currently has to offer. The numbers of the duo have lost nothing of freshness over the years ? On the contrary. A turbulent tour life has undoubtedly created beautiful memories, but also left its mark. And so in the course of the evening the two get very heart-warming into their hair, or rather into the rest hair. For the 25th anniversary of the stage, the ? Black grits? really crash, it takes a good excuse to miss it.

Schedule «best of»

Sunday Su - 08:00pm
May, 2021
May 9 Su - 08:00pm
08:00 PM
Frankfurt / Oder
Tickets from €24.5
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Tickets from €23