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Bibi Blocksberg - Alles wie verhext

Concert tickets Bibi Blocksberg - Alles wie verhext

Bad Zwischenahn
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«Bibi Blocksberg - Alles wie verhext»

Monday Mo - 04:00pm
December, 2021
Dec 27 Mo - 04:00pm
04:00 PM
Bad Zwischenahn
Tickets from €20.5


Will the witches of the Blocksberg family bewitched by this? Day succeed in lighting the Walpurgis Night Fire as intended? The small and big witch fans in the hall are even allowed to help Bibi, her mother and her grandmother, because in this family pop musical participation is urgently desired? also dressed up. Little and big witches in costumes are welcome! And if everything turns out well with the help of the children and all the spectators, Karla Kolumna, the frenzied reporter from Neustadt, will be able to write with peace of mind: It WAS all bewitched. Thrilling staging, great new songs and once again a lot ? Hex hex!? The Bibi Blocksberg musical ? Everything as if bewitched!?, original and exclusive from the Cocomico Theater in Cologne: A witchy fun for the whole family! Bibi Blocksberg, the most famous little witch in Germany, will go from 2020 to 2023 with her musical ? Everything like bewitched!? on a big tour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For the 40th anniversary of the series, the new original COCOMICO musical can be experienced LIVE up and down the country! The musical is recommended for children from 4 years. Enthusiastic spectators everywhere