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Das Phantom der Oper - Central Musical Company

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«Das Phantom der Oper - Central Musical Company»

Wednesday We - 08:00pm
February, 2022
Feb 16 We - 08:00pm
08:00 PM
Tickets from €24.95


Based on the world-famous novel by Gaston Leroux, librettist Paul Wilhelm and composer Arndt Gerber tell the captivating story about the aspiring opera singer Christin Daaé and the Scheusal with the mask. From the end of the year, the great original production will once again make guest appearances in selected halls and theatre halls throughout Deutschland.In the depths of the venerable Paris Opera House, a phantom is wrighting away from blackmail or violence. Only the young singer Christin Daaé touches the torn heart of the beast. As his ? Angels of music? he gives her singing lessons and begins to promote her career with sinister machinations. However, when these do not lead to the desired successes, does it come to a scandal ? during a performance, a huge chandelier crashes into the packed auditorium. Carlotta, the reigning prima donna and competitor of Christine, then leaves - the mysterious figure seems to have achieved her goals. But the announcement of the engagement of Christine and Count Raoul de Chagny once again arouses jealousy in the phantom. It kidnaps Christine during an opera performance and imprisons her deep in his underground dwelling. While trying to free Christine from the clutches of this creature, do the brave Raoul and the zealous police commissioner Monsieur Fauve themselves find themselves in the greatest danger to their lives? Accompanied by a large orchestra, the first-class actors of the leading and supporting roles impress above all with their vocal and acting performance. During the more than two-hour performance, memorable melodies, authentic costumes and hairstyles as well as a versatile stage design take the audience to 19th-century Paris.Once again this year, The Phantom of the Opera guarantees the audience an unforgettable musical evening for young and old.