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Der Froschkönig - Mitspieltheater

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«Der Froschkönig - Mitspieltheater»

Sunday Su - 04:00pm
January, 2022
Jan 16 Su - 04:00pm
04:00 PM
Tickets from €9.1


The princess loses her golden ball. The frog demands a promise to get the ball back from her. She must learn to keep her promise and overcome her fear. With energy, she can turn the disgusting frog into a prince. It plays: Ronald GräfeThe special thing about the Mitspieltheater is that an actor tells the fairy tale playfully and dance-like by slipping into the various fairy tale characters and roles. The children may not only listen to the fairy tale with excitement, but also actively participate. They can shout their thoughts and ideas to the actor on stage, who spontaneously integrates these impulses into the story. In addition, the children can play in many places themselves on stage! The result is an interactive and unique theatrical play between the narrator and the children.Experience a unique production for the whole family by Johannes Galli with specially composed music by Johannes Galli & Michael Summ.The CD with all fairy tale songs from the play (including playback versions & song lyrics) is available from us in the theater.