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Des Kaisers neue Kleider - Premiere

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«Des Kaisers neue Kleider - Premiere»

Saturday Sa - 03:00pm
October, 2021
Oct 30 Sa - 03:00pm
03:00 PM
Tickets from €9.5


Full of wit and zest for life, the young, penniless Jacó comes to a country unknown to him. There, while trying to get something to eat, he makes the acquaintance with the seamstress Maja. All citizens suffer hardship, while Emperor Friedhelm the Fesche spends fabulous riches on his wardrobe. Without further ado, Jacó makes a plan: he boldly claims to be the world's best weaver. So he manages to become a vain emperor and make him a tempting offer: For the emperor's big birthday party, Jacó promises to tailor unique and magnificent dresses. But the greatest thing about them is that they remain invisible to anyone who is unforgivably stupid or unworthy of his office. The selfish Friedhelm responds to this. Although the clever court tailor Adele soon arouses suspicion, Jacó makes himself comfortable in the castle and pretends to weave the stoe for the imperial clothing together with Maja. When the day of truth arrives, everyone is eagerly awaiting the sight of the fabulous new clothes. Finally, the ruler steps before his subjects. In their faces, incredulous amazement quickly spreads.