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Die Fantastischen Vier - Open Air 2021

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«Die Fantastischen Vier - Open Air 2021»

Saturday Sa-8:00pm
Aug, 2021
Aug 7 Sa-8:00pm
8:00 PM
Campimontweg, 8, 87474, Buchenberg, Bayern, Deutschland
Tickets from €70.2


After 2 years of breaks, open air concerts will take place again in 2021 at the Allgäu Concert Arena in Buchenberg (near Kempten). The last time the ? Rock The King?- Festival with In Extremo and many other bands. In 2017, high-profile players such as Sabaton and the Fantastic Four have already made guest appearances there. In 2021 there will be open air concerts again. And the first concert has already been confirmed: No less than audience favourite Mark Forster will play on Sunday, 08.08.2021. With the Fantastic Four, another concert will be added on 07.08.2021! For concert-goers there will again be a comprehensive service with shuttle buses from all over the Allgäu. More information here will follow soon. For all Buchenbergers it will also be a special ? Schmackerl? from the organizer Allgäu Concerts: On presentation of the ID card, anyone who is resident in Buchenberg can receive a ticket at the office of Allgäu Concerts with a discount of 10% (MOn ? Fri from 10:00 ? 12:00 p.m.). For more information, see The Fantastic FourWho want to look forward to long summer evenings outdoors, picnicer feeling in the best weather and energetic live concerts, should already secure open air tickets for The Fantastic Four. The fact that the Fantastic Four thrive best under direct sunlight has of course been valid since 1989, but back then it was quite different times. German hip-hop has long since moved from the pop-cultural niche to the middle of the stage. In the midst of a musical landscape in which in Germany at most the hit still generates similar sales. Hip hop is over forty years old, still successful, cross-genre, and the most relevant youth culture, even if hip hop is really no longer the hot shit it used to be. What else can the upper-old-schoolers, who are the fantas, gain from the old Uncle Hip Hop? After all these decades, hasn't the topic become a little exciting? The answer is a quote from ? Captain Fantastic?: ? Hip hop is more than pimmel and image? (? All beginnings are Yeah?). The Fantasti-schen Vier recall the traditional virtues of speaking singing: puns, punchlines and rhymes, but occasionally quite politically but always humorous and skillful. That's the stuff the fantasies were made of at the time.