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Die Schneekönigin

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«Die Schneekönigin»

Sunday Su - 04:00pm
February, 2022
Feb 6 Su - 04:00pm
04:00 PM
Tickets from €9.1


by Hans Christian Andersenin a version by Susanne Sachsse and Dragan A?lerPremiere on October 16, 2013 Kay and Gerda live high above the city with their grandmother. On a winter's day, Kay is hit by splinters of a magic mirror: his heart freezes to ice and everything familiar seems ugly and pathetic to him. Out of nowhere, the Snow Queen appears. Kay receives two of her ice-cold kisses, which almost kill him and make him forget everything behind. Overwhelmed by her beauty, Kay leaves home to live with the Snow Queen in her Ice Palace. Gerda can't forget. When Kay is still not back in the spring, she decides to look for him! Alone Gerda travels through distant lands, is detained, meets whimsical women, generous royal children, a barbaric robber girl and talking animals. Gerda doesn't give up until she saves Kay." The Snow Queen? like any good fairy tale, it is a story full of contrasts and has been on the programme of the house once every decade since 1957. Susanne Sachsse is an actress, curator and co-founder of the artist collective CHEAP. As an actress and director, she has been closely associated with the THEATER AN DER PARKAUE since 2005. Director: Susanne SachsseArtistic collaboration and choreography: Dragan A?lerStage: Nebosja TabackiCostems: Angelika WeddeMusic: John BlueDramaturgy: Camilla Schlie