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Dieter Nuhr - Kein Scherz

Dieter Nuhr - Kein Scherz

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«Dieter Nuhr - Kein Scherz»

Friday Fr-8:00pm
Mar, 2022
Mar 18 Fr-8:00pm
8:00 PM
Jupp-Gauchel-Straße, 12, 56075, Koblenz, Rheinland-Pfalz, Deutschland
Tickets from €33.75


No joke! Dieter Nuhr is the master of relaxed comedy and the king of liberating punchline. In his program ? No kidding!? Once again, he proves that life is not a joke, but it can still be fun. Dieter Nuhr resists the zeitgeist of constant arousal, dissects our media-disturbed world view and, on the other hand, holds with his disarming unexcitedness. Yes, we all know the world will go down! But it is likely to take a few million more years. Dieter Nuhr solves mental cramps through well-founded cheerfulness. Anyone who has ever experienced an appearance by him knows that what is really funny is often not a joke! Dieter Nuhr counters the ritualized outrage in our country with weighing thoughts and serene cheerfulness. With his debunking points, he dissects the cramping of ideologues and frees his audience from the compulsive thinking of the better-known. His evenings are regarded as a healing therapy for the disturbed. Dieter Nuhr relieves tensions with arguments and heals the fear of the audience through the overwhelming power of his extremely funny thoughts! Millions have seen his performances, watched his shows and read his books. An evening with Dieter Nuhr is not only saucomic! It also makes it clear that you can inspire masses by denying yourself to the mainstream. Listening to him is a pleasure.Nuhr proves: humor can be smart, optimism is possible, thinking is fun! An evening with Dieter Nuhr shows: Reality is often funnier than any joke, and laughter is - that's not a joke! - extremely liberating!