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Home / Events / Dirk Rohrbach - Im Fluss - 6000 Kilometer auf Missouri & Mississippi
Dirk Rohrbach - Im Fluss - 6000 Kilometer auf Missouri & Mississippi

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«Dirk Rohrbach - Im Fluss - 6000 Kilometer auf Missouri & Mississippi»

Saturday Sa - 08:00pm
January, 2022
Jan 22 Sa - 08:00pm
08:00 PM
Tickets from €10.5


PRESSEINFOIM FLUSS ?6000 kilometers on Missouri & Mississippi through AmericaAs the first European, Dirk Rohrbach paddles North America's longest rivers from the source to the mouth. From the Rocky Mountains through the Great Plains and the Midwest to the deep south to the Gulf of Mexico. 6000 kilometers on the Missouri andMississippi. In the California desert, Dirk builds a wooden kayak for the trip, then climbs up to the source of the Missouri River in Montana with snowshoes and follows the first watercourses for 100 miles on a mountain bike before continuing his journey in the boat. The photographer and adventurer explores the small settlements and vibrant metropolises on the shores on America's most important lifeline. He meets descendants of the aborigines, musicians, captains and ? River Rats?, quaint guys who could never imagine a life without the river. Majestic mountains and endless prairie, gigantic dams and giant freighters, cotton fields and delta blues. Missouri and Mississippi tell many stories on the long journey through America's Heartland. Dirk Rohrbach traces them, on his own, decelerated and close to nature and people. It will be his most epic journey yet. For months alone on the fourth largest river system on earth. Brachial storms, crushing storms, smouldering heat. Progressing becomes a challenge, a confrontation with forces of nature and oneself. And to an unforgettable adventure.