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    Saturday Saturday-7:00pm
    Sep, 2020
    7:00 PM
    Luxor  ?
    Luxemburger Strasse 40


    Dirty Deeds '79Saturday 05.09.20, 19:00Photo: Marc GaertnerFor three decades now, the DIRTY DEEDS '79 have been doing their bit on the stages of Europe to live up to the immortal hits of their idols. The five Bonners are also among the millions of AC/DC maniacs worldwide. However, they were probably the first to use the instruments to express their reverence. Since 1989, the DEEDS have been on the "Highway To Hell" between the Balearic Islands and Belarus to preach the Australian Red Rock Gospel. After three dirty decades, the quality of the DIRTY DEEDS '79 is the most open secret of our time, as it gained the reputation of the leading AC/DC tribute and cover band in the country early on. Hundreds of concerts have been out since the DEEDS first gave gas with "Whole Lotta Rosie" and all were sweaty, two-hour devotions. And all over the country they have been celebrated: 100,000 and the team of FC St. Pauli turned to "Hells Bells" at the club's promotion ceremony. Twice they were guests at the renowned AC/DC fan meeting in Geiselwind and passed with flying colours in front of a hall filled with the cream of the international AC/DC connoisseurs. In their homeland, on the other hand, they are already legendary. Their living room, Harmonie, has actually sold out 60 times since their first guest appearance in 2001, because now the five play four Christmas shows a year due to the high demand. And their round band birthdays under the open sky n the Bonner Rheinaue are a meeting place for thousands. And in between a huge honour: as the only tribute band in over 40 years of history of the legendary WDR Rockpalast, the DIRTY DEEDS '79 were recorded and broadcast in full length. A knighthood that they are still happy about today. The DEEDS are led by the exceptional guitarist Volker "Vangus" Voigt, about whom the Bible of the AC/DC cover band, the online magazine "Daily Dirt" knows to report: "As a special feature I would mention "Vangus". With "mirror baldness" and glued-on squirrels (school uniform anyway), you can still smile at first, but this quickly turns into enthusiasm: the man understands his craft." The Solinger Tageblatt strikes the same note: "In addition to The Schoolboy Clothes by Angus Young, he also imitated his world-famous movements deceptively real: Germany's most authentic Angus Young clone!" At his side is singer Alex "Big Bonn" Kaiser as Vangus's flagship musician and a Rampensau of first quality. "Remarkable how the weighty "Big Bonn" knows how to embody the AC/DC singers Bon Scott and Brian Johnson on stage and how powerfully he can scan his rebellious lyrics. Not to be overlooked is lead guitarist "Vangus", who plays breathtaking solos and is hardly in the way of legendary AC/DC guitarist Angus Young." (General-Anzeiger, Bonn) At this point, we want to take a look at a criticism from the colleagues of, which fits perfectly what the DEEDS want to stand for: "In the completely sold-out Prime Club in Cologne, the five guys from Bonn rocked everything in the ground. Over twenty songs, including "The Jack", "Sin City", "Live Wire" and of course "Dirty Deeds" were given the best, what an evening. The band itself in the style of the Australians, vocals (Big Bonn), lead guitar (Vangus), rhythm guitar (KutA Young), bass (Dr. Williams) und Schlagzeuger Gonz „the machine“ Rudd. After about ten minutes it is clear where the journey should go this evening: DIRTY DEEDS '79 rock what the stuff holds, you hardly have time to breathe, there is no dry spot on my shirt anymore, no matter! The Prime Club shakes, the crowd dances and sings every song with all their heart as if to send a message to Bon Scott, who was certainly present." The DEEDS have a full program with "High Voltage", "Let There Be Rock", "Hells Bells", "Thunderstruck" and all the other masterpieces of Angus & Co., it was a good way to see what would happen when they rocked their way through the AC/DC back catalogue with devotion: "The atmosphere at an AC/DC concert was the same, even if only a few hundred people fit into the harmony: full, wet, hot, loud and brilliant! It seemed as if Angus Young was personally sweeping across the stage like a madman. Super concert, headbanging, beer, loud singing. End. Gegröle. Encore." Homepage: PmPrice:18,00€ plus FeesOrganizer:Prime Entertainment GmbHTickets buy