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Dragon Days: Frankenstein

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«Dragon Days: Frankenstein»

Thursday Th - 08:00pm
October, 2021
Oct 28 Th - 08:00pm
08:00 PM
Tickets from €8.1


? Ah, that with the monster?? Yes, exactly, that with the monster. Didn't read the book by chance because of its monster size? Let's do it for you. Yes, of course, nicely shortened! Once again, the speech-takel service Dinter & Schneyder delivers a classic as part of the DRAGON DAYS Festival. This time one by a woman: Mary Shelley (1797-1851). The daughter of an anarcho-philosopher and a much-read feminist should not only be with her early work? Frankenstein or the modern Prometheus? become the best-known author of British fantasies and romantic literature; their unconventional lifestyle, the blows of fate and the openly-run marriage would also be some turmoil in the social? media. 1816, one year after the eruption of the Tambora volcano: In the year without summer, Lord Byron launches a horror story contest in his society gathered at Lake Geneva. In front of Mary's eye appears the image of a young inquisitive who creates a living being out of dead matter and then evades any responsibility. Hard to believe: this bestseller of the all-too-human monster in search of love and the monstrous behavior of people is published anonymously two years later in a miserable 500 edition. As last year, Mark Lorenz Kysela lets his spontaneous compositions rain on us again! Stefan Dinter: Illustration and live projection via BeamerMark Lorenz Kysela: musical accompanimentGötz Schneyder: reading,