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Drums United - The Drums of the World

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«Drums United - The Drums of the World»

Thursday Th - 07:30pm
November, 2021
Nov 4 Th - 07:30pm
07:30 PM
Tickets from €19.9


Drums UnitedThe Drums of the World»Under the spell of the drums« is an old saying that becomes a tangible reality at a concert of Drums United. The seven master drummers from four continents take their audience on a rhythmic journey around the world. Congas, bongos, talking drums, djembes, shakers, cajon, taiko and drums are joined by bizarre sounds and sample-playing drum computers. The whole body becomes an instrument when the musicians whirl across the stage with their drums and perform rousing scat singing. The heart and soul of the group is the drummer Lucas van Merwijk. Before he discovered world music, he earned a reputation as a jazz musician in Holland for being one of the greats. Jazzprofile describes him as »?one of the great drummers of our time.« In 2010, van Merwijk was honored with the Global Act Award for his life's work and was awarded several times as the best fusion/world drummer. Instrumentation: Lucas van Merwijk (Netherlands): drums & percussionDerrianne Dyett (Trinidad): steel pan, percussion & vocalsJulio Pimentel (Brasil): Brazilian percussionMarco Toro (Venezuela): Latin percussionRyoko Imai (Japan): Japanese percussionAlper Keke (Turkey): Asian percussionMoussé Pathé Mbaye (Senegal):African percussionPhoto: Daniel Patriasz