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Home / Events / Fräulein Julie - Trauerspiel von August Strindberg
Fräulein Julie - Trauerspiel von August Strindberg

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«Fräulein Julie - Trauerspiel von August Strindberg»

Thursday Th - 07:30pm
January, 2022
Jan 20 Th - 07:30pm
07:30 PM
Tickets from €9.5


Miss JulieTrauerspiel by August StrindbergJulie, daughter of a count and landowner, joins the servant Jean in the exciting atmosphere of midsummer night. The next morning, the charm has evaporated: remorse, despair, suicide of the noble lady are the consequences.There is Julie: unsatisfied, uncontrolled, in search of something more meaningful than marriage in keeping with his status. And there is Jean: the subordinate, stranger, exciting. Julie provokes Jean, he reacts with romantic-chivalrous, dreamy-poetic gestures and words, but warns Julie of himself: he is not suitable as a toy. After the night together, the balance of power has shifted. Jean shows his brutal side, insults Julie as a "domestic earth", but offers her the common escape if she is able to raise enough money. How this encounter by Strindberg is told sensitively, realistically, excitingly and surprisingly in the character drawing makes it understandable why this one-act play became the poet's most famous and most played drama. Director: Torsten FischerDisturing: Herbert Schäfer, Vasilis TriantafillopoulosCast: Dominique Horwitz, Judith RosmairProduction: Konzertdirektion Landgraf, Renaissance-Theater BerlinPhoto: Daniel Devecioglu