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Frollein Smilla - Freak Cabaret 2021

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«Frollein Smilla - Freak Cabaret 2021»

Sunday Su - 08:00pm
April, 2022
Apr 3 Su - 08:00pm
08:00 PM
Tickets from €18.1


The current album title Freak Cabaret says it all. Frollein Smilla loves the diversity, the stylistic, the instrumental, even the linguistic, she lives the variety, and there is also no shortage of tempo, dynamics, harmony and rhythm changes; what she doesn't like is the reduction to a normal denominator. In addition, the high art of musicality is celebrated at the concerts, piano, accordion and multi-layered blower, sensitive-energetic percussion, acoustic and electric guitars and basses are filled with a lot of feeling and even more skill with rich life, crowned by the beguiling-hearty harmonies of the multi-voice singing, which make their voices shine in English, German and Spanish. Frollein Smilla is a band project that should make one thing possible above all: to express emotional diversity through music. Between lightness and joie de vivre and space for depth and sadness, between celebrations and dancing and the shared feeling of closeness and intimacy; a project that was intended to touch, bring together and sweep along and deliberately does not care about genre definitions, which led to one of the characteristics of this group. Stylistic descriptions such as ? Folkballadendschäßfunkpiratinnenliebesblues? or? Tanzballadensouljazzpiratinnenliebesfunk? are quite tongue twisters, but also an amazingly accurate description of what constitutes their music. Funky guitar riffs meet gentle piano sounds, dirty pirate choirs meet romantic accordion, pressing wind lines meet soulful lead vocals and together result in an always surprising but still recognizable Smillasound.