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Geschichtenfest für Familien

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«Geschichtenfest für Familien»

Sunday Su-2:00pm
Mar, 2021
Mar 21 Su-2:00pm
2:00 PM
Gottlob-Schneider-Straße, 65, 76275, Ettlingen, Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland
Tickets from €9.5


Circus piece cover, sheets and writing, 2 and 4 p.m., RittersaalThe circus spectacle ? Cover, sheets and writingby by Projecto Anagrama show the creation of a book in an impressive and artistic way: the idea of the writer Albertino, whose head is full of stories, ideas and dreams. Up to the presentation of the traditional printing process of a book. With theatre, the art of storytelling and various circus techniques such as juggling, rola-bola, magic tricks and rope dancing, a fantasy world is created in which the audience travels with different people to exciting places. Duration: 55 min.Real now?! with the theater PassParTu from Eppingen, EpernaysaalPicture © Florian PuschmannThe word artists Vicky and Basti have made it! You are in the finale of the Quizz show ? DSDWSSSSS?. Both want to win. They slam, rap, rhyme and sing. They wrestle with tongue-breakers and shake the rhymes, lose letters, create new words and create a virtuoso voice firework. Who wins the big language duel? Who will be WordSport Super Super Super Super Star? In? Really? the focus is on the joy and fun of using language. And the children are actively involved in the game. For children from 8 years and the whole family; Duration approx. 30 minutesIn addition: The City Library Ettlingen with experience-word-worlds: - Creative word workshop from 2 pm - 6 pm in the Musensaal as well as children's art school / museum Ettlingen.Picture © Florian Puschmann