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Ingo Appelt

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Monheim am Rhein
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«Ingo Appelt»

Friday Fr - 08:00pm
September, 2022
Sep 9 Fr - 08:00pm
08:00 PM
Monheim am Rhein
Tickets from €24.5


When he comes, the grumblers have a break from broadcasting! Ingo Appelt has found a secret recipe against the German depression: There are twelve until the sun shines again. Pain is laughed away. Already a single visit to his new program ? THE STATE COACH? replaces several years of therapy ? for both men and women! Because Ingo Appelt gives the general misery the rest? if necessary, with a targeted kick in the ass. It can be so simple. Our Ingo is no longer just the Ingo for men's and women's issues, no: he is the Ingo for Germany! Ein Volks-Ingo. An Ingo for everyone ? all the overwhelmed and underpaid, all the strained and exploited. For all those who can't even get a can of pre-cooked noodles without a video tutorial, don't get a straight wallpaper track glued to the wall and whose dogs have long since taken command at home. As a federal ass, Ingo Appelt wants to stand up and comfort with his new program? if it has to be with truth and optimism. True to his motto: Everything sucks? Great mood!