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Jetzt schlägt´s 30!

Jetzt schlägt´s 30!

Frankfurt / Oder
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«Jetzt schlägt´s 30!»

Saturday Sa - 07:30pm
May, 2021
May 8 Sa - 07:30pm
07:30 PM
Frankfurt / Oder
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Yes, what did we want? when we initiated the peaceful revolution? Bananas? Yes, but they are now hanging out of our throats. Expression? So you can say everything you think and think everything you say. And what do we have now? The total freedom of food on Facebook, Twitter & Co, with which we can make anyone who does not suit us to the sow. Freedom to travel? Yes, we can fly around or bypass the whole world. However, this requires a little more than the minimum pension. And recently you get stunk with childish climate activists. Many of us wanted a better GDR at the time. And what did we get? A worse FRG! Conclusion of the eternal yesterdays: It was not all good, but much was better! Conclusion of the eternal Meckerer: It is not all bad, but much is shitty!