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Home / Events / Kanzleramt Pforte D - Die Bühnenshow
Kanzleramt Pforte D - Die Bühnenshow

Kanzleramt Pforte D - Die Bühnenshow

Frankfurt / Oder
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«Kanzleramt Pforte D - Die Bühnenshow»

Wednesday We - 07:30pm
September, 2021
Sep 22 We - 07:30pm
07:30 PM
Frankfurt / Oder
Tickets from €34.4


What a coup! After Lothar Bölck as gatekeeper in the chancellery and Michael Frowin as chancellor chauffeur have thrilled the TV audience for 10 years, is it the cabaret ? The Odertaps? managed to bring the most successful satire format of the MDR to Frankfurt (Oder). But not only there Bölck & Frowin continue your success, but also in your theater: live and in color - and up-to-date! Bölck & Frowin belong as soloists in the first league of political cabaret artists. Both were engaged in the best ensembles of the Republic (Thistle, Pepper Mill, Zwickmühle, Kom(m)ödchen, Herkuleskeule, etc.). You play, write, stage, direct theatre ? And anyone who knows the two knows that the mail is satirical. They are sharp, they are fast ? and most importantly, they are funny. With playful ease and great pleasure, they argue that the punching scraps fly. KANZLERAMT PFORTE D ? The stage show is always new. And after the presentation, we offer the opportunity for discussion. That is how we practice democracy. Because: We have to talk!90 minutes of blazing cabaret (with pause) ? and then a conversation with the artists at the evening beer. It doesn't get any better.