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Lisa Eckhart - Die Vorteile des Lasters

Lisa Eckhart - Die Vorteile des Lasters

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«Lisa Eckhart - Die Vorteile des Lasters»

Friday Fr - 08:00pm
October, 2021
Oct 29 Fr - 08:00pm
08:00 PM
Tickets from €25.5


It wasn't all bad under God. It was good, for example, that everything was bad. For all that was done was sin. We were all good Christians and had a pagan fun. Hell counted performance groups, indulgences were the perfect last-minute gift and to be burdensome still art. But then God died unexpectedly of chronic boredom. And at the reading of the will it was said that we were all disinherited from original sin. From then on, no one was bad, every truck was unpunished and hell closed for renovations. So the fun came to an abrupt end. Therefore, it is necessary to reinvent the sins. Lisa Eckhart, poetry slam master and cabaret artist, is both thrilled and shocked. With philosophical eloquence and raven-black humour, she skilfully moves on the edge of good taste and sometimes makes her audience speechless. With her second solo program, the award-winning Styrian is coming to Fürstenfeld for the first time.? Lisa Eckhart is evil. Very nasty. (?) Your audience gets the laughter stuck somewhere in the larynx? an unmistakable sign of a joke that is anything but politically correct, but still somehow funny.? (Deutschlandfunk)