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Loco Escrito -  Live 2020

Tickets to Loco Escrito - Live 2020

Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt
Stadt Frankfurt
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Schedule «Loco Escrito - Live 2020»

12:00 AM
November, 2020
12:00 AM
Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt
€ Free
€ Free
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Presented with the MTV Music Award as "Best Swiss Act" & the Swiss Music Award for "Best Hit". Awarded with gold, platinum & double platinum for his hit singles.Loco Escrito seems to have a magnetic effect on precious metal, because all singles of the sympathetic Zurich have been awarded gold, platinum or double platinum in Switzerland since 2017. "Mi Culpa" is a platinum-plated feel-good song that instantly turns the grey sky into a blue one. Last year's Latin summer hit "Adi's" won gold, platinum, double platinum and a Swiss Music Award in Switzerland, has over 3 million views on YouTube, and enjoys around 5 million streams on Spotify worldwide. With "Punto" Loco climbed directly to number 2 on the singles charts this year, and reached gold and platinum status within a very short time. "uiui" set new accents and builds on the Colombian's urban background. While "Punto" is establishing itself as a summer hit in 2019, "uiui" is celebrated as a raggaeton club banger. And as if this weren't enough multifaceted riches, Loco delivers melodious sounds of longing with his latest single "Maria" and at the same time announces his upcoming album "Estoy Bien" for 31.01.2020. This musical range, the authenticity of its roots, and the flair for pure joie de vivre are the cornerstones of the exceptional talent "LOCO ESCRITO"." I want my achievements to make people happy and to arouse feelings in them. And that's what life is all about, in good times and in bad times." – Loco Escrito