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MIA. - Limbo Tour 2020

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Schedule «MIA. - Limbo Tour 2020»

8:00 PM
December, 2020
8:00 PM
Reitknechtstr. 6
€ Free
€ Free
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20 years of band history, six albums, countless hits and an indispensable status in the German music landscape. Some would rest on it. Mia. have taken all this as an opportunity to pause and ask: what is coming now after these 20 years? Who is you as a band, but also as a human being? Do you keep going? How self-evident is that? Now and in the future? And in general: Why MiA.? In the third year after their anniversary, singer Mieze Katz, drummer Gunnar Spies, bassist Robert »Bob» Schütze and guitarist Andy Penn are now returning with their seventh album »Limbo", which provides answers to all these questions. The first single from it is called "Head Over": a plea for a new beginning and at the same time a hug of the unknown." Who said that all this is predetermined?" Mia. encounter the grumbling with a good dose of optimistic pragmatism. With curiosity and courage. End or new beginning? What does that mean? All just terms. Instead, leave MiA. the doubts are simply doubts and run off: with the heart in your hand, upside down – a jump into the cold water. Doesn't feel so bad." KopfÜber" is coming on 20.09.2019 and is the first single from the new MiA. album »Limbo", which will be released in early 2020.