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Home / Events / Olaf Bossi - Endlich Minimalist ?aber wohin mit meinen Sachen?!
Olaf Bossi - Endlich Minimalist ?aber wohin mit meinen Sachen?!

Tickets to Olaf Bossi - Endlich Minimalist ?aber wohin mit meinen Sachen?!

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«Olaf Bossi - Endlich Minimalist ?aber wohin mit meinen Sachen?!»

Saturday Sa - 07:30pm
September, 2022
Sep 24 Sa - 07:30pm
07:30 PM
Tickets from €18.5


How Olaf Bossi discovered minimalism for himself. A humorous-tidy comedy & cabaret program through the less-is-more jungle.Do I really need that? Or can that go away? Olaf Bossi asked himself this question a few years ago. While objects, appointments and thoughts piled up in the apartment, calendar and head, the account was always empty far too quickly and there was a lack of time, freedom and satisfaction.Olaf Bossi was clear: It was time for a new beginning. But how? As a father of two, the possibilities for action were limited. The world trip with self-discovery strip was excluded. Instead of continuing to try to consume himself happily, he began to live more consciously. But this ? Diet of things? was easier said than done. Olaf Bossi explored on a two-year adventure journey through the minimalism cosmos which methods of tidying up and mucking out worked magnificently and which flopped. He presents his most important and humorous findings on the way to becoming a minimalism expert as well as self-developed methods in his program. He shows that tidying up can be really fun and gives help for an easy, debt-free and media-purified life.And in the end, Olaf Bossi reveals his secret to success against mobile phone addiction: a second mobile phone! Will you become part of the ? Ballast revolution?! Say more yes to no! For more satisfaction and less ballast in the Leben.Er, the audience gets them to look at their own lives in the mirror and laugh at each other. Kraichgau voicePhoto: Gero Gröschel