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Rapunzel-Report - Stefani Kunkel

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Frankfurt am Main
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«Rapunzel-Report - Stefani Kunkel»

Sunday Su - 08:00pm
February, 2022
Feb 6 Su - 08:00pm
08:00 PM
Frankfurt am Main
Tickets from €25.5


Stefani KunkelEIN EVENING ABOUT FAIRY TALES, RELATIONSHIPS OR RELATIONSHIP FAIRY TALESA satirical fairy tale program by Stefani Kunkel and Alexandra MaxeinerIn ? The hair in the clan? If it was the lowlands of family life, now Stefani Kunkel deals in her new solo program with a topic that we are all well versed in: With the Liebe.In the fairy tales, everything seems to be quite simple. The couples live happily and contentedly until the end of their days. But is love really so fairytale-like? The author Alexandra Maxeiner had the idea to let Grimm's fairy tale characters have their say after a few years of relationships. Together with Steffi Kunkel, she wrote the Rapunzel Report, in which Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White or Cinderella now report on their everyday relationship life, which does not always seem too rosy. The usual versatile Steffi Kunkel slips into these fairytale roles, and she also appears as Claudia or Hilde from Bornheim. All fundamentally different women, but they have one thing in common: problems with the guys. Or as Claudia says so beautifully: As on the cigarette packs, the dangers of love should actually also be pointed out at registry offices. Of course, we also know cases of happy marriages. But not all smokers die of lung cancer, whether in love with men or dwarves; whether as a fairytale character or taken from real life? directed by Alexandra Maxeiner, Stefani Kunkel shows us the trials and tribulations of love with a satirical eye.A production of the Stalburg Theater Frankfurt