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Reis Against The Spülmachine - Die fitteste Band der Welt

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«Reis Against The Spülmachine - Die fitteste Band der Welt»

Friday Fr - 07:00pm
March, 2022
Mar 18 Fr - 07:00pm
07:00 PM
Tickets from €22.3


IMPORTANT NOTE:Please inform yourself at short notice about our applicable hygiene regulations, as there may be changes again and again. The current rules can be found here: Against The dishwasher are in great danger of ascent. The music-comedy duo has already won several regional songlams. Her career became Bundesliga ready after NightWash appearances and tours with the Die Ärzte biographer Stefan Üblacker (Das Buch Ä). Recently, the trophy for the winner of the NDR Comedy Contest 2018 is also cleanly polished on the trophy shelf. The new programme will build on these successes: ? The fittest band in the world?. A laughing marathon of song parodies that are just plain fun. Music coverett at its finest. The two word acrobats leave no doubt that they are in top form. Without a warm-up phase, they sprint onto the stage and light an Olympic bonfire of biblical proportions. Their energy is able to transform a space into a stadium where songs from all over the world come together to form an ecstatic songwriter comedy rock show. From Mozart to Mark Forster, from Simon & Garfunkel to the Beastie Boys. There is something for everyone from all musical eras (playing age from 8 - 80 years). Did Reis Against The Dishwasher make their first program? Vitamins to the evil game? already strong for healthy eating, so charges ? The fittest band in the world? now also for physical activity. On the following day of each concert: ? Every night the show is rocked? And then jogged off the next morning!? The two are happy about Mitläufer_Innen (especially if someone turns out to be a local tour guide). The time and meeting point will be announced at the concerts. References: Winner NDR Comedy Contest (11/2018), performances at NightWash, 1Live-Hörsaal-Comedy, Kampf der Künste, Open Flair Festival, Burg Herzberg Festival, Rock am Beckenrand and concerts with the Monsters of Liedermaching or Simon and Jan. Reading tour ? The book Ä? with Stefan Üblacker.