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Russisches Nationalballett - Schwanensee

Russisches Nationalballett - Schwanensee

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«Russisches Nationalballett - Schwanensee»

Wednesday We - 07:30pm
December, 2021
Dec 15 We - 07:30pm
07:30 PM
Tickets from €20.5


Music: P. I. TchaikovskyChoreography: L. Ivanov and M. PetipaConception: Rimma WachsmannFor more than 100 years, the ballet classic has delighted young and old.Each scene is illustrated by a narrative, so that even the smallest in the audience can follow the danced scenes and the ballet plot." Over 100 years of undisputed popularity with the international ballet audience like no other work from the classical repertoire. It tells in the finest traditional ballet language of Prince Siegfried, the Swan Princess Odette and the Wizard Red bear, of longing, loneliness, jealousy, anger, pain and happiness and above all of the victory of love over evil.The storyThe Swan Lake Princess is covered with an evil spell: she can only take on a human form for a few hours at night and only true love can redeem her. Prince Siegfried falls in love with the beautiful Odette and swears eternal loyalty to her. The devious magician Rotbart senses his chance and makes his daughter Odile appear at the castle in the form of Odette. The prince is deceived and breaks his pledge of allegiance?