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SCHACKELINE, fahr mal der Panzer vor

SCHACKELINE, fahr mal der Panzer vor

Frankfurt / Oder
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«SCHACKELINE, fahr mal der Panzer vor»

Sunday Su - 07:30pm
March, 2022
Mar 27 Su - 07:30pm
07:30 PM
Frankfurt / Oder
Tickets from €24.5


Yes, the poor instructor Schmidt, formerly for good old conscription, almost every soldier was mentally superior to him: students, graduates and other conscripts. Today? Unfortunately, the Kevin de Luxe generation can't do anything. Even the boots, trainer Schmidt still has to tie his recruit in the morning after he has put out the uniform and brought the milk coffee (from soy milk) to the field bed. When trainer Schmidt used to maneuver with his men, everyone was back in time for the morning appeal. Today? Half of the soldiers are missing; run, injured, abandoned, mom called to pick him/her/her. In his new program, trainer Schmidt is deliciously excited about the Bundeswehr, today's youth and all the luschen and luschinen. Comedy with high gag density and lots of audience actions. Yes, this is also a mission in the 1920s of the instructor: anschiss for everyone, has not harmed anyone yet. Jawoll !!! Trainer Schmidt with more than 100,000 sold CD's, 8 successful live productions with over 1500 guest appearances in the german-speaking room, numerous TV and radio appearances across all channels, with a book (handbook for Luschen) and a movie (morning your luschen) with 5 million viewers on RTL and 4 million on Youtube, the man will already know what he is doing: his fellow human beings in a lovable way? Trainer Schmidt, more LIVE comedy is not possible ! He was awarded the Top Feather of the Carnivalists and the Cultural Prize of the city of Idar-Oberstein.