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Monday Mo - 07:00pm
March, 2022
Mar 7 Mo - 07:00pm
07:00 PM
Tickets from €12.5


Concert: Neue Wiener Concert Schrammeln 7.00 pm Peter Uhler: Violin | Johannes Fleischmann: Violin | Niki Tunkowitsch: violin | Helmut Stippich: Chromatic button harmonica | Walther Soyka: Chromatic button harmonica | Peter Havlicek: Contraguitar Open round for Schrammelmusikanten: from 20.00 Every first Monday of the month (except July, August) a Schrammel regulars' table takes place in the Bockkeller. In the first part the Neue Wiener Concert Schrammeln perform, in the second part all Schrammel musicians are cordially invited to participate! At the end of the 19th century, the brothers Johann and Josef Schrammel played their way into the Olympus of the Viennese (folk) music elite within a few years and became legends during their lifetime. Quartet instrumentations with two violins, contraguitar, clarinet or button harmonica were henceforth called »Schrammelquartett« in Vienna, their repertoire of dances, marches and Viennese songs arranged for quartet »Schrammelmusik«. The Wiener Volksliedwerk with its magnificent hall in the former suburban inn has been the venue and initial spark for Viennese folk music for more than 20 years? with concert situation (without Heurigen noise), but already with wine and bread ? Funded by the district council ? Ottakring, District Head Franz Prokop