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Stefani Kunkel: Im Winde verlebt

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Frankfurt am Main
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«Stefani Kunkel: Im Winde verlebt»

Thursday Th - 08:00pm
February, 2022
Feb 10 Th - 08:00pm
08:00 PM
Frankfurt am Main
Tickets from €25.5


Known for her fine powers of observation, Stefani Kunkel also presents the tragic-comic moments of life with great versatility in her new solo program Im Winde verlebt. Hessischer Rundfunk describes Kunkel's performance as "wonderfully satirical and ravishingly funny. And that in your early 40s! Or rather in his mid-40s. Some claim she is probably in her late 40s. But this is also only appreciated from a distance and in dim light. But it's not just getting older that the various female characters in Kunkel's new program struggle with. They struggle with life and everyday madness as such. Whether as an aging diva (? My ex moved to Homberg-Efze after the separation. To Homberg-Efze!!! Since the separation must be more important than the place of residence.), as overtaxed employees (? When I lie around exhausted in the hallway again, I remember why my self-written book was so easy for me. It is entitled: WORK - LIFE - BURNOUT in three days.?) or as a dedicated volunteer (A woman my age needs candlelight from below!)? so each of Kunkel's characters has their own strategy to defy the stormy pitfalls of life and aging. A program that stands by its laugh lines!