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Turnalar Quintett - Das interkulturelle Ensemble

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«Turnalar Quintett - Das interkulturelle Ensemble»

Friday Fr - 08:00pm
March, 2022
Mar 25 Fr - 08:00pm
08:00 PM
Tickets from €16.8


The concert is a cooperation with the Jazzfreunde FuldaThe intercultural ensemble: Turnalar Quintet gives its first concert in Fulda with musical journeys across countries and continents, Persian, Turkish and international music between tradition and modernity Turnalar (Turkish) means cranes and like the cranes fly Filiz Tufan (vocals), Julia Kitzinger (clarinet/bass clarinet), Salim Salari, (Tar) Reza Rostami (Tombak/Daf) and Anka Hirsch (cello/accordion) musically across the borders of different countries and continents.The different experiences and backgrounds of the musicians merge into a new unity. In addition to traditional music and songs from Iran and Turkey, they play international music as well as their own compositions and let them sound in a wide variety of colors. The characteristic voice of Filiz Tufan is accompanied by the oriental sounds of the Tar and the Tombak/Daf, the rich tones of the cello and the versatile sounds of the clarinet. The musicians also play with the possibilities of their line-up and form trios and quartets in different combinations for some pieces, with ever new sound possibilities. Melancholic and longing songs, sung in different languages, alternate with energetic dances in mostly odd rhythms, original compositions and dance-like klezmer pieces.Instrumentation: Filiz Tufan (vocals)), Julia Kitzinger (clarinet/bass clarinet), and Salim Salari (Tar), Reza Rostami (Tombak/Daf), Anka Hirsch (cello/accordion/composition.The Turnalar Quintet is an ensemble of the project ? Bridges? Music connects? Frankfurt