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Ulrike Haidacher - Aus Liebe

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«Ulrike Haidacher - Aus Liebe»

Friday Fr - 08:00pm
October, 2022
Oct 7 Fr - 08:00pm
08:00 PM
Tickets from €13.5


BEFORE THE THEATRE, WE RECOMMEND: IN THE SCHARFRICHTERRESTAURANT OR IN THE ROMANTIC ARKADENINNENHOF. MONDAY TO SATURDAY AB 17 UHRTISCHRESERVATION ERBETEN UNDER 0851 - 35 900Photo: Gabriel RizarIn her first solo program Ulrike Haidacher, part of the theatre cabaret duo Flüsterzweieck (Austrian Cabaret Prize 2017), goes all the way. Come with her to this party and have fun! Long too, because our host, the great artist, has done everything for us: caffeinated sugary drinks, baby chicken, prosecco and Gertis Grammelknödel. The artist thinks that if all people were like him, the world would be a better place. She's not so sure. Ulrike Haidacher's first solo program goes to the bottom of the matter. It's about old party decorations, delicious meat rolls and the poetry of human manb. It is about sacrifices and offerings, about love for the stranger and hatred for one's own. Inthis battle of words, get intoxicated by irrational feelings and well-formulated arguments! Ulrike Haidacher does not yet know whether you will find this normal. But she's happy when you come along. Because she doesn't do anything for herself tonight. She does everything for you. Perhaps even for the whole of humanity. She does, anyway. Out of love.From and with: Ulrike HaidacherDirector: Dieter Woll