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Wiedersehen mit Freunden - präsentiert von Wolfgang Lippert

Concert tickets Wiedersehen mit Freunden - präsentiert von Wolfgang Lippert

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«Wiedersehen mit Freunden - präsentiert von Wolfgang Lippert»

Sunday Su-4:00pm
Oct, 2021
Oct 17 Su-4:00pm
4:00 PM
Paul-Lincke-Straße, 1, 19322, Wittenberge, Brandenburg, Deutschland
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A class meeting of the superlatives is offered to the fans on October 17, 2021 at 4 p.m. in the Kultur- und Festspielhaus Wittenberge. The audience can look forward to nostalgic and varied hours with cult stars such as Hans-Jürgen Beyer, Angelika Mann, Wolfgang Lippert, Regina Thoss and Gerd Christian. As a member of the world-famous Thomaner Choir, Hans-Jürgen Beyer's career began. As a rocker at ? Renft? did he explore boundaries and with ? Day by day? has the ? Schlager tenor? to the star. He spends his performances to the last note and can proudly claim: for more than 40 years, no performance has ended without an encore.Angelika Mann, with only ? Forty-one? The? Lütte? in the show, together with Reinhard Lakomy summoned the food without a bad conscience, she wished "a baby very, really drall and round, just like me, so much, so urgesund?, she praised the ? Champagne?, became part of the ? Dream magic tree? and accompanied generations as fairy tale puzzle witch Frl. Ratesumbria. Are you looking forward to songs and stories of one ? Indestructible?. Wolfgang? Lippi? Lippert?der Troubadour? The? Störtebeker Festival? has always risked a ?kesse lip? and conquered the fans. Be? Century hit ? Erna is coming? became a trademark, his show experiences of ? You have to be lucky? To? Bet that? are a guarantor of the best entertainment.Regina Thoss, the native of Zwickau, sang in the school choir at the age of 8. Her career began in 1966 with the victory at the boarding school. Hit festival of the Baltic Sea countries in Rostock with the winning title ? The first night by the sea? by G. Siebholz and W. Brandenstein. Other national and international awards and awards followed. She was a TV favourite with her own radio and TV shows and can refer to several successful guest appearances in Berlin's famous Friedrichstadtpalast. Your current album ? Thank you? is a tribute to her fans, who have been loyal to her all these years. The star that bears his name is called ? Tell her too?. These famous three words made Gerd Christian, who was born in Greifswald, a star almost overnight in 1979 and touched an entire nation. The song, which his brother Holger Biege wrote for him, became a million-seller and accompanies the original interpreter for almost 40 years now. Together with these wonderful guests and his partner THOMANN Künstler Management GmbH from Burgebrach, Wolfgang Lippert brings again this year a good mood in a friendly atmosphere to the stages of Germany. The perfect start to autumn 2020 with a first-class concert.